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Osaka (大阪、おおさか)


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International: Kansai International Airport(関西国際空港)

 Domestic: Itami Airport (伊丹空港)

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Ōsaka (大阪)

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A Guide to Osaka

Ōsaka is located in Kansai region (関西地方), western part of Japan, and the second largest city in Japan. Ōsaka's public transportation is well-established, and it takes around 1 hour from the nearest international airpoet, Kansai International Airport (関西空港), to Ōsaka station. Additionaly, popular sightseeing spots, Kyōto and Kōbe, are next to Ōsaka, and you can get to each central area within 30 minutes by train
The thing what should be mentioned about Ōsaka is its unique food culture. Ōsaka was a convenient place as a trading post, so Ōsaka has prospered as the central of Japanese economic, and almost all things in Japan were gathered and traded in Ōsaka. Therefore, various recipes such as "Kaiseki cuisine (懐石料理, Kaiseki ryōri) were born in Ōsaka, and Ōsaka's food culture is one of the roots of today's Japanese food culture. For example, "octopus dumplings (たこ焼き, Takoyaki)" and "Japanese style of deep-fried kebab (串かつ, Kushikatsu) are well-known as local Ōsaka's specialties.
Among sightseeing spots in Ōsaka, areas called "Kita (キタ)" and "Minami (ミナミ)" are most popular. Kita is the area around Ōsaka or Umeda station (梅田), and there are many large commercial buildings, department stores, and restaurants in the area. Minami is the area around Namba station (なんば or 難波), and "Dōtonbori (道頓堀)" where is famous for huge showy signboards. In addition, the area around "Tennōji (天王寺)" is popular sightseeing spots because of the tallest buildings in Japan, "Abeno Harukas (あべのハルカス)", and a historic temple, "Shitennōji (四天王寺)". Also, in the suburbs of Ōsaka, the fifth largest aquarium in the world, "Kaiyūkan (海遊館)", and Universal Studios Japan are located.
A Kansai train map, including Ōsaka train map, is here.

Sightseeing spots

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Northern Osaka

Kita (キタ) and Umeda (梅田)

Ōsaka Temmangū (大阪天満宮)


One of the two biggest downtowns in Ōsaka. There are many skyscraper such as "GRAND FRONT OSAKA".

The famous shrine for "Tenjin festival (天神祭)".



Southern Osaka

Minami (ミナミ) and Namba (難波)

Nipponbashi (日本橋)

Shinsekai (新世界)

One of the two biggest downtowns in Ōsaka. There are numerous shops and restaurants in Mianami.

There are many shops specializing in electric appliances and otaku goods, so this area is called "Ōsaka's Akihabara".

The eccentric downtown with nostalgic atmosphere.

Shitennōji Temple (四天王寺)

Abeno Harukas (あべのハルカス)

Sumiyoshi Taisha (住吉大社)

The large historic temple.

The tallest building in Japan.The height of the building is 300m!

One of the oldest shrine in Japan where the god of purification and the gods of the sea are worshiped at.

Eastern Osaka

Ōsaka Castle (大阪城)

Tsuruhashi (鶴橋)


One of the three major castle in Japan built by a great commander, "TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi (豊臣秀吉)"

The largest Koreatown in Japan.



Western Osaka

Universal Studios Japan

Ōsaka Bay (大阪港)


The huge popular thema park.

The fifth largest aquarium in the world, "Kaiyūkan (海遊館)", and a big shopping complex are located at Osaka bay.